Well-known installation Museum of the Moon, created by British artist Luke Jerram, has opened in Larnaca’s Zouhouri square.

The scale model of the moon, measuring 7m across will remain on display until Sunday as part of the Larnaca Biennale.

Comprising high-resolution images sourced from Nasa’s Scientific Centre, each centimetre of the spherical installation represents five kilometres of the moon’s surface on a scale of approximately 1:500,000.


The installation in Zouhouri square, Larnaca (Photo Christos Theodorides)

When installed in a dark place, the sphere is lit internally to create a glowing orb. Although the surface of the balloon is smooth, the fine detail of the imagery gives the impression that it is textured.

Since its creation in 2016, the Museum of the Moon has travelled worldwide, acting as the backdrop to unique events and performances inspired by the moon at each location.

Larnaca will host a specially curated series of events throughout the week, inviting visitors to forge new connections with the moon while learning the latest scientific insights.


Entry to the moon-inspired exhibit is free. However, there will also be special events in the evening that require booking. Tickets can be obtained at www.onceinabluemoon.eu/museumofthemoon.html.