President Nikos Christodoulides said on Wednesday he expected the UN Secretary-General to appoint an envoy in the next few days, tasked to explore the ground for the resumption of negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem.

“We call on Turkey – because we know very well that we are negotiating with Turkey – to proceed to sincere talks, putting aside maximalist goals and to come to talks that can lead to a mutually beneficial state of affairs only through the solution of the Cyprus problem.”

Christodoulides was speaking at an event called ‘Memories of an Occupied Land’, organised by the Committee of Cyprus Occupied Municipalities and the Committee of Cyprus Occupied Communities condemning the 40th anniversary of unilateral declaration of independence of the north.

“I would like to inform you that from the communication I had yesterday with the UNSG, I expect that finally, in the next few days, there will be an appointment of an envoy to explore the ground for the resumption of negotiations to resolve the Cyprus issue,” he said.

It will be, “an important development for which, I assure you, our side will do everything possible to make it a successful one”.

He conveyed the message that “we are not afraid of the talks” adding that “we know very well what we are seeking through the dialogue. It is not our side that is worried or afraid of talks. And, yes, such an appointment will allow us to explore the prospects.”

He assured attendees that he would do his utmost and everything possible to create the conditions for dialogue.

“We will take advantage of all the opportunities before us to see our homeland reunited and we will exhaust every effort in this direction” he pledged.