Police are urging the public to exercise heightened caution as a new form of telephone scam has emerged, with fraudsters posing as representatives of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

According to reports received by the police, the scammers, who speak Greek, inform unsuspecting people that they are calling from CySEC regarding suspicious activity in their bank accounts.

The scammers either request personal information from individuals or ask for access to their electronic devices.

In response to the fraudulent activity, police are once again calling on citizens to be particularly vigilant and refrain from responding to or providing any information in such phone calls.

This warning comes as part of ongoing efforts by law enforcement to safeguard the public from falling victim to various scams. A statement released on Wednesday stressed the importance of verifying the identity of anyone claiming to be from official institutions and caution against sharing sensitive information over the phone.

As the investigation into these incidents continues, police are urging people to report any suspicious calls or encounters to the relevant authorities promptly.