Before the festive events truly take over, the island’s cultural agenda is brimming with creative and artistic happenings. Coming up is a new solo art exhibition that will share insights into another world.

Exhibit8 gallery will host the second solo photography exhibition of Georgios N Paparoditis from December 1 to 16. Under the title Aru Naru Suru – The Beauty of Rural Japan, the December exhibition in Limassol showcases the results of a study of traditional Japanese aesthetics through the medium of photography.

Aru, Naru, Suru – loosely translated to to exist, to become, to make – are fundamental principles of beauty, deeply rooted in the traditional Japanese arts, as is the Japanese tea ceremony, the art of Ikebana (flower arrangement), ceramics or woodworking. Under the mentorship of the Japanese Artist and Master woodworker Masaharu Izaki, these aesthetic principles were studied by Paparoditis over a period of six months in scenes of everyday in Japanese rural areas.


The photographs comprising Aru Naru Suru – The Beauty of Rural Japan feature themes that range from architectural, to rural and natural. The beauty that they convey deals with the coexistence of nature and humanity, the relationship between the naturally grown and the man-made. Examined from the perspective of the maker, this beauty exists on a spectrum depending on how much the artist has interfered with the beauty he found in nature.

In a series of 30 photographs Paparoditis presents artistic research of how these principles appear in everyday life in Japanese rural areas. The photographs are printed on true fibre art paper and framed in a style reminiscent of the Japanese Kakemono (hanging scrolls).

Aru Naru Suru – Beauty in Rural Japan

Photography exhibition by Georgios N. Paparoditis. December 1-16. Exhibit8 gallery, Limassol. Opening night: 7.30pm. Tuesday – Friday: 10am– 11pm/ Saturday: 12pm – 11pm. Tel: 25-212171.