People belonging to vulnerable groups should stay indoors, the Labour inspection department said on Sunday, as high concentrations of dust have been detected in Cyprus’ air.

The department also urged employers take “appropriate measures to protect workers”.

As of 9am on Sunday, the highest concentrations of dust in the air were recorded in Paralimni and in Nicosia, where there were 318.9 and 307.6 micrograms of dust per cubic metre of air respectively.

At the same time, there was 272 micrograms of dust per cubic metre of air in Paphos, 269.5 in Larnaca, 221 in Ayia Marina Xyliatou, and 199.7 in Limassol.

Cypriot legislation determines that an “acceptable” amount of dust in the air is up to 50 micograms per cubic metre, meaning current ranges are as much as six times the acceptable rate.

As a result, the elderly, children, and other vulnerable groups are urged to stay indoors until the dust passes and levels return to normal.

Employers are also urged to provide workers with the appropriate protective equipment.