AdTech Holding, one of the leading IT companies in Cyprus, has focused on digital advertising innovations for more than 10 years. Yet, being convinced that the most efficient projects grow from symbiosis of technology and meaningful teamwork, Holding annually organises HackAdTech, the open hackathon in Limassol. This event gives IT enthusiasts an opportunity to create their technical solutions together, and present ideas to industry leaders.

HackAdTech: what, where, who?

HackAdTech Hackathon 2023 took place over November 25-26 in Limassol. The event was supported by IAB Europe, as well as the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy of Cyprus.

HackAdTech 2023

Event sponsors and media partners were: Quadcode (the Gold Sponsor), the Cyprus Mail, Sigma TV, IMH Business, and others.

The essence and main challenges of HackAdTech 2023

The competitors were offered to work on solutions for two main challenges:

  • Challenge 1: How can we improve life in Cyprus?
  • Challenge 2: How can we improve the AdTech industry?

Winners were rewarded with €10,000, plus gifts from sponsors.

Winners and their projects

The teams consisted of talented programmers, designers, content creators, analysts, and other professionals. Meet them closer:

Challenge 1: How can we improve life in Cyprus?

  • 1st Place, Challenge 1: SpendWize team developed the shopping list app where products and prices are recorded, so that buyers can choose cost-effective offers;
  • 2nd Place, Challenge 1: Quadcode team successfully delivered an app to simplify school admission process;
  • 3rd Place, Challenge 1: TrashPalm team rolled out an app to fight the garbage issue in Cyprus;

Challenge 2: How can we improve the AdTech industry?

  • 1st Place: IndigoOwl team created AI-based social media monitor for market research and user profiling;
  • 2nd Place: Vasilkoff team created a chatbot for social media advertising and costs optimisation;
  • 3rd Place: POI team are the authors of blockchain-based payment solution for social media influencers and marketing agencies.

Congratulations to the winners and see you at HackAdTech 2024!

About AdTech Holding

AdTech Holding has its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus and is an innovation company aimed at creating startup technologies for AdTech and Martech.

With a focus on cutting-edge advertising solutions, AdTech Holding cooperates with leading digital marketing projects to deliver revolutionary ideas to the market.