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Kyndryl’s technology predictions for 2024: integration, efficiency and automation

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Leading global IT services firm Kyndryl, which also has offices in Cyprus, this week released its technology sector predictions for 2024, spanning several key areas, including artificial intelligence, data governance, and cybersecurity, among others.

In the face of evolving technology and the emergence of complex business challenges, IT professionals are ready to encounter new challenges in the coming year. While certain changes will act as catalysts for innovation, others will drive discussions surrounding Generative AI. Cyber threats, among these changes, will compel companies to take proactive measures to mitigate and address risks at their source.

Kyndryl’s Practice Leaders collaborate with companies worldwide, aiding them in achieving their critical business objectives through modern approaches.


Some key trends shaping IT decision-making in 2024 and beyond include:

1. Adoption of FinOps (Financial Operations):

– Businesses are increasingly embracing FinOps to manage cloud investments effectively in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

– This adoption aims to ensure better cost control and collaboration among finance, technical, and business teams.

2. Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence:

– Particularly in the industrial sector, more companies will implement AI solutions to collect local data and enhance operational efficiency.

– Challenges such as cost, environmental conditions, and labour will be addressed through the integration of AI technologies.

3. Impact of Generative AI on Security:

– The ascent of Generative AI will pose challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity.

– Enhanced identity and access management and a re-evaluation of traditional security models will be essential, alongside task automation for increased productivity.

4. Data Governance:

– Strong emphasis on robust data governance programs, recognising that high-quality AI depends on high-quality data.

– Enterprises will seek partnerships and modernised data platforms to integrate creative AI across diverse data sources.

5. Evolving the Digital Workplace:

– Greater emphasis on enhancing the employee and customer experience through digital workplace technologies.

– Closer integration of IT with HR processes and customer-facing functions to create a more seamless experience.

6. Emphasis on Legacy Systems (Mainframe) Skills:

– Businesses prioritise partnerships for managing and modernising legacy systems, addressing skills gaps, and ensuring seamless integration with new technologies like AI.


The Goal for Net Zero

As the world’s largest provider of IT infrastructure services, Kyndryl has set goals and is committed to making progress across business operations, the supply chain, and broader society. Aligned with its environmental priorities, Kyndryl’s sustainability programme focuses on three main areas:

1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets:

– Kyndryl, since gaining independence, places a strong emphasis on reducing emissions.

– The company sets a target of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, with a goal to reduce direct and indirect emissions globally by 50% and the use of 100% renewable energy sources by 2030.

2. Partnering with Customers:

– Recognising that environmental challenges extend beyond its own operations, Kyndryl collaborates with customers and allies to implement sustainable solutions.

– Leveraging technology-driven approaches like AI, machine learning, cloud infrastructure, and workplace digitisation, Kyndryl contributes to upgrading environmental footprints.

3. Employee Education and Engagement:

– Kyndryl fosters a culture of sustainability, educating its global workforce on carbon footprint issues and the company’s zero-balance commitments.

– Initiatives such as the Carbon Literacy Project and the Green Guild encourage employees to contribute to shaping a sustainable future in both personal and professional realms.


Faith Taylor, Vice President and Global Sustainability & ESG Officer at Kyndryl, highlights the imperative for companies to strategically leverage existing and advanced IT infrastructures.

“Through the strategic utilisation of existing and advanced IT infrastructures,” she says, organisations can significantly reduce their negative environmental impact while boosting efficiency and sustainability. Taylor further underscores Kyndryl’s dedication to seamlessly integrating sustainability into its business approach.

“I am incredibly proud that Kyndryl is championing environmental responsibility by setting a goal of zero emissions by 2040,” she adds, emphasising the company’s commitment to innovation and decisive action in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

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