A 48-hour strike called by Isotita labour union relating to low-wage civil servants drew to a close on Tuesday pending a proposal from the finance ministry.

Isotita’s head of secretarial staff Lina Andreou told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) that the strike was put on hold after the ministry’s general director said that he is “not going to give the proposal while they are protesting in the streets”.

She added that if nothing happens by Friday, next Monday they will proceed with more dynamic measures by cutting off main roads leading to Nicosia, specifically the Kalispera lights.

Andreou said that Isotita’s request is the implementation of the October 31 agreement with the unions, which provides for the promotion of low wages, so that someone who has completed 18 years in civil service will be upgraded from the A5 to the A7 pay scale, and from A2 to A5 after 12 years.

She added that despite the proposal that A1’s service would also count, now it is said that these years will not count in their entirety, but there will be a percentage recognition.

Meanwhile, unions Pasydy, Sek and Peo were scheduled to hold a joint meeting at 3pm to discuss the developments of the past few days, particularly Monday’s meeting between President Nikos Christodoulides and Finance Minister Makis Keravnos.

In a joint statement, the unions warned that if by then there are no answers or proposals from either the president or the ministry, they will be forced to make decisions about dynamic mobilisations.