The State Health Services (Okypy) is set to outline its responses after six unions rejected its latest financial proposal for collective agreements covering hospital workers.

A document containing them is due to be handed to Health Minister Popi Kanari after an earlier proposal was rejected by the unions.

Kanari has already called for a meeting on Wednesday, aiming to restart dialogue between the unions and Okypy representatives to formulate a mutually acceptable proposal.

Okypy spokesperson Charalambos Charalambous said the organisation will provide answers to the unions’ inquiries in the coming days.

He also expressed hope that the responses given will lead to a collectively acceptable solution. However, he clarified that Okypy will not present a new proposal, as their offer has already been submitted.

“We are answering their questions. We are not making a proposal. The proposal has been submitted,” he said.

Last week, six unions representing public hospital workers sent a joint letter rejecting Okypy’s proposals and raising questions regarding the organisation’s suggestions for collective agreements.

The unions representing public health sector workers maintain their stance that Okypy must implement structured salary scales with defined grades and annual increases, without implying a transformation of employees into civil servants.