The drug squad Ykan seized around two kilograms of cannabis in Paphos on Tuesday and arrested a 23-year-old suspected of smuggling it.

According to a statement from Ykan, around 4 pm, police officers saw two individuals – one in a car and the other on a motorcycle – driving away suspiciously upon spotting the patrol.

The car driver accelerated, resulting in a collision with a Ykan vehicle. The motorcycle rider attempted to flee on foot but was intercepted by officers.

The apprehended individual, identified as a 23-year-old resident of Larnaca, was arrested for an on-the-spot offense. A quantity of cannabis, approximately 19 grams in total, was found on his motorcycle. A discarded package, suspected to be part of the exchange attempt between the two men, contained approximately two kilograms of cannabis.

A judicial warrant was issued against the 23-year-old, leading to his arrest. He was brought before the Paphos district court on Wednesday morning, and an eight-day detention order was issued against him.