The Council of Ministers on Thursday approved an increase in the subsidy amount for the installation of photovoltaic systems in residences of vulnerable electricity consumers. The adjustment raises the subsidy to €1,250 per kW.

According to an announcement released by the energy ministry, the programme will remain effective until the announcement of the new subsidy scheme, ensuring that citizens who proceed with similar investments now will benefit.”

The proposal was approved on Wednesday. For residences occupied by vulnerable electricity consumers, the subsidy amount has been increased from €1,000 to €1,250 per installed kW of photovoltaic system, with a maximum subsidy of €6,250, instead of the previous €5,000.

The subsidy amount has been calculated based on historical data to approach 100 per cent of the subsidy.

According to the energy ministry, “for the smooth functioning of the market and equal treatment of all applicants, the Council of Ministers has decided to extend the existing ‘Subsidy Scheme for encouraging the use of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency in residences’ until its smooth replacement by a new subsidy scheme, expected to be announced in early 2024.”