Cyprus was still waiting for the green light from Israel to deliver containers of humanitarian aid to Gaza on Friday, while UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said they were “pushing very hard” to ensure the supplies would reach the besieged enclave.

Though British vessel RFA Lyme Bay had reportedly left Cyprus over the weekend to reach Gaza, authorities seemed constrained on the matter. The development was initially described as the start of the humanitarian corridor.

Speaking to a pool of reporters on Friday, government spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis said Cyprus had drawn up “a very specific, detailed plan” for a maritime humanitarian corridor.

“All that remains at the moment is the green light from Israel. Once we get the green light, the initiative is ready to be implemented.”

In a press conference on Thursday, Lord Cameron said “everything that can be done, must be done to get aid into Gaza to help people in the desperate situation they are in.”

“Are there opportunities for aid to come from Cyprus in British ships to be delivered to Gaza? We’re working on that.”

He added the UK was “pushing very hard” to ensure aid supplies reach Gaza, both through the reopened Kerem Shalom border crossing and possibly by sea.

A report by iNews suggested aid would be sent to Gaza via Cyprus, where it would undergo inspection at Larnaca port in the presence of Israeli officials and inspectors from other countries.

Foreign Ministers Andrew Mitchell and Lord Benyon confirmed earlier in the week in parliamentary debates that the Royal Navy landing ship RFA Lyme Bay has been loaded with dozens of tonnes of humanitarian aid in Cyprus, adding that it awaits for final approvals off the coast of the island before making the journey to securely deliver the aid.

According to iNews, a key factor playing a role in properly launching the maritime route, is making sure the port has the screening capacity to ensure military material does not get into Gaza, so it is not used ultimately against Israel.

On Wednesday, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen arrived in Cyprus for a meeting with his counterpart Konstantinos Kombos, where he said Israel is promoting the maritime humanitarian corridor.