US Ambassador to Cyprus Julie Fisher said that the United States will welcome the appointment of the UN Secretary-General’s envoy for Cyprus, who will tackle the challenge of finding common ground to resume talks.

In an interview with the Sunday edition of Kathimerini, Fisher also noted that if there were companies or individuals in Cyprus contributing to Russia’s efforts to continue the war in Ukraine, the US will pursue them in collaboration with the Republic of Cyprus, referring to rumours about shell companies facilitating those who support the war.

Fisher expressed her satisfaction over the excellent cooperation between the US and Cyprus and President Nikos Christodoulides, noting his desire for full collaboration with the US and other Western countries. She emphasised Cyprus’ aspiration to leave behind the “bad reputation” that has followed it for some time.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, the US Ambassador suggested waiting for the statements of the UN Secretary-General concerning his envoy, highlighting that the US has already called for the resumption of talks and the appointment of a special envoy.

When asked about the Visa Waiver Program for Cyprus, she stated that she was expecting greater progress in this area by 2024.