A bomb explosion in the Paphos caused serious damage to a vehicle it was placed and storefront, police said on Sunday.

According to police, the explosion occurred in a vehicle parked outside a car parts store in the Konia industrial area.

The explosion occurred at 2.30am on Sunday morning.

Police said that the business, whose windows were damaged in the explosion, is owned by a 40-year-old, while the vehicle with the bomb belonged to his 69-year-old father and was being used by the 40-year-old and other employees of his company.

The fire in the vehicle was put out using a fire extinguisher by an employee of the store, who lives in a small apartment on the premises.

Police said from initial investigations it seems a bomb was placed in the vehicle with a jerrycan filled with fuel to make the fire spread. According to authorities, when the jerrycan caught fire from the explosion, the fire spread to the entire vehicle.

The scene has been cordoned off and police are investigating.