A 44-year-old man suspected of causing the traffic accident that killed four people on New Year’s Day will remain in custody until the start of his trial in February, the Limassol Criminal court ruled on Tuesday.

The court ruled this was because he does not have close ties to Cyprus, making it a concern that he could become a fugitive.

The man faces manslaughter charges for the deaths of 27-year-old Vathoula Georgiou, her 17-year-old brother Nikolas, and their grandparents Nikolas Zavrou, 72, and Evanthia, 74.

Georgiou had been driving her grandparents home half an hour after midnight on New Year’s Eve, when the 44-year-old hit her car.

The suspect is believed to have run a red light at almost 90 km/hour in a 50 km/hour area and crashed into the car driven by the 27-year-old. There were no signs of the man braking after running the red light.

On Thursday night police ran a reconstruction of the accident.

Police are also examining whether the two drivers were able to see each other.

Since the crash it was decided that traffic cameras will be installed at the intersection where the family members died.