In recent weeks, Cyprus has witnessed a notable uptick in cases of both viral and bacterial infections, indicating a potential continuation of the trend.

Medical professionals on Thursday have reported a surge in influenza cases, with hospitals admitting patients exhibiting severe symptoms of both Influenza A and B.

Spokesman of the State Health Services Organisation (Okypy) Charalambos Charilaou said on Thursday that the majority of them are elderly.

“The current situation reveals a consistent pattern,” he told daily Philenews.

“Elderly patients dominate hospital admissions, constituting 8 out of 10 individuals receiving care in pathological, pulmonary, and Covid-19 wards.”

“Simultaneously, paediatric units continue to manage cases involving very young children.”

With the onset of the flu season, Charilaou stressed the importance of adhering to protective measures by everyone. He also emphasised the need to direct attention to the vulnerable population groups.

Earlier this week, Charilaou warned that the reopening of schools following the Christmas holidays could translate into a further increase in the rate of people catching the virus and urged people exhibiting symptoms to remain at home.

In addition, Charilaou also criticised the health ministry’s decision to approve a request on the part of private hospitals not to take in patients with Covid-19.

He said Okypy had sent a letter to the medical services in protest at the request’s approval and said patients should be treated equally.

Also this week, the Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) repeated their readiness to take part in the Covid-19 vaccination process and administer vaccines in pharmacies.

“Pharmacists have the experience and the appropriate education and training to administer vaccinations in local pharmacies and help towards a more rapid vaccination coverage among the general population,” they said.