A fire in a police officer’s car on Sunday in Paphos completely destroyed the vehicle.

According to police, the vehicle belonged to a Paphos CID officer and was parked outside his residence in Chlorakas.

The fire broke out shortly before 10pm and caused extensive damage.

Police and firefighters went to the scene and the causes of the fire will be investigated.

Later, trade union Pasydy and the Cyprus Police Association (Sak) expressed their “disgust at the brazen criminal act”

“These provocative and cowardly actions by criminal elements can no longer continue because they undermine the foundations of democracy and the country’s legal order and cause insecurity across society,” they said.

They called on the authorities to impose a “drastic crackdown” on organised crime and offenders.

“Obviously, the indisputable aim of the offenders is to intimidate the police and prevent them from carrying out their duties with zeal and dedication, so they can promote their criminal plans and illegal actions unhindered,” they said.

They added that measures should be taken “immediately and without delay”, lest the lives of their colleagues be “placed into constant danger”.