Gunshots fired around 4am on Tuesday in the area of Geri, near Nicosia, were aimed from a distance at a specific individual, police spokesperson Christos Andreou said.

The incident was the second of a similar kind, after the attempted murder in Aglandja that took place on Monday.

Police are currently seeking the motives behind both incidents and working to identify the perpetrators.

As far as the incident in Geri is concerned, investigations are underway to determine the location from which the shots were fired.

Andreou stressed that “it is a very serious matter currently under investigation.”

When questioned about the type of weapon used, Andreou said that, at this stage, the type of weapon has not been confirmed.

“Evidence has been collected, and the type of weapon is expected to be determined through scientific and forensic examinations,” he clarified.

“The police are actively conducting inquiries to ascertain the motives and locate the individuals responsible.”