New Health Minister Michalis Damianos acquainted himself with the problems and challenges face by the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO), during a meeting with the organisation’s board of directors on Wednesday.

“With cooperation and transparency, we can achieve much better results,” he said.

“It is a good opportunity to discuss the problems and challenges that have emerged and find ways to address them.”

The chairman of the HIO board Stavros Michael thanked Damianos for meeting with them days after his appointment to the position of health minister.

“It shows how important you consider our organisation and the role we have to play in the health sector,” he said.

Michael said that the minister’s visit “encourages us”, and expressed confidence that he will provide the support, cooperation and guidance needed “to enable us, as much as we can, to upgrade our services in an environment that will ensure the sustainability of this organisation”.

“Gesy is the greatest reform and social achievement that we must work to ensure remains for us and for future generations.”

Michael wished the minister every success in his work, noting that they have the same task: to do “the greatest good” for the health of the public.