Works in the Akamas will resume “immediately” President Nikos Christodoulides said on Saturday, despite calls against it by the Green Party.

Speaking about last month’s cabinet decision regarding changes to the implementation of the projects of the Sustainable Development Plan of the National Forest Park of Akamas, the president called it “difficult yet necessary”.

He said competent officials are reevaluating the plans within a specific framework and timeframe to avoid further unnecessary delays.

The president reiterated the government’s willingness and determination, as well as his own personal commitment, to ensure that the plan is implemented in a way that preserves its philosophy and principles.

“The government is well aware of the delicate balance between protecting the natural heritage and the need for development and utilisation of the area,” he added. The residents of the area also “understand the environmental significance of the region better than anyone else”.

Asked by a reporter about the works in Akamas, the president said “of course, they will resume immediately. The issue is on the agenda of the Council of Ministers in February.”

The president’s statements came a day after the head of the Green Party Giorgos Perdikis said restarting works in Akamas would be a terrible mistake. He was speaking after a meeting with Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou, focusing on the controversial roadworks at Akamas.

He said turning a conservation area into a recreational area is a mistake and must be reversed by the present government.

Perdikis said the minister is still investigating the administrative investigation into the Akamas road handed over to her last month.