The Nicosia district court on Wednesday found a doctor guilty of indecent acts against a patient who filed an official complaint against him back in the summer of 2020.

Following a hearing, the court deemed the doctor’s recollections and side of the story unreliable, instead considering the complainant’s testimony credible.

Subsequent to the conviction, the court scheduled a new trial for sentencing mitigation within the next month.

According to the prosecution, the doctor faced four charges of indecent assault against the complainant, all allegedly occurring on the same day, one after the other.

The complainant told the court that she had visited the doctor, a family friend, for specific examinations requiring anaesthesia.

She accused the doctor of taking her to a “closed space” within the premise to later engage in indecent acts four times within a few minutes after she regained consciousness.

In his sworn testimony, the accused doctor claimed that the allegations against him were false, asserting that the complainant had embraced and kissed him, a claim not accepted by the court.

The accused doctor had previously been convicted of similar offences.