Cyprus’ Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis engaged in “significant discussions” this week in Brussels, in an effort to boost the number of visitors from Belgium.

According to statements by the minister, the talks in the Belgian capital focused on potential increases in air travel to Cyprus, as well as the promotional programmes that local tour operators and travel agencies plan to implement.

During his statements, Koumis said that Belgium “has always been an interesting market for our country, but as a source of tourists, it has never managed to see any significant growth before.

To this end, he expressed optimism for improvement, stating that the conditions are currently favourable for an increase in visitors from Belgium, especially considering the anticipated expansion in air travel from Brussels to Cyprus.

In addition, as part of his visit to Belgium, the Deputy Minister of Tourism reportedly had a “significant meeting” with the Minister of Public Administration, Tourism, Cultural Heritage, and Road Safety Valerie De Bue.

The two ministers exchanged views on the importance and contribution of tourism at the European level.

Furthermore, they underscored the need to focus on the green transition, digital transformation, and the challenges that destinations like Cyprus are expected to face, taking into account developments in air transport within the European Union’s Fit for 55 framework.

It should be noted that Belgium has held the EU presidency since January 1, and Cyprus is set to take over in the first half of 2026.

What is more, Koumis met with heads of tourism organisations conducting programmes to Cyprus, in which they discussed the results of the previous year and the positive prospects for 2024.

Koumis explained that the discussions primarily revolved around the potential increase in air travel to Cyprus and the programmes that the organisers intend to promote.

Koumis stressed the importance of visibility and stable communication with market leaders, especially in Brussels, which houses a large international community working in European institutions.

Regarding the meeting with Minister De Bue, Koumis noted that he deemed it “very constructive,” addressing current challenges in European tourism and discussing the plans and intentions of the Belgian presidency.

“I personally consider these meetings very important, as they not only involve the exchange of views but also establish relationships of cooperation,” Koumis stated.

“The fact that the Belgian Republic currently holds the European presidency, which in two years from today, will become our responsibility and competence, highlights the need for closer relations,” he added.

The ministry’s statement concluded by saying that “undoubtedly, building cooperative relationships and trust with European partners can be extremely beneficial for tourism”.