Within the framework of their sponsorship cooperation, a delegation of the Cyprus Olympic Committee (COC), led by its President, George Chrysostomou, visited recently the headquarters of the Bank of Cyprus (BOC), Gold Sponsor of the COC, to meet those included in the “Reward Scheme for Young Athletes under 18 years old, as emerging talents in sport”. BOC established this project over past years in order to develop cooperation with young athletes, while offering them a symbolic amount of money.

The COC delegation was accompanied by six of the seven athletes, representing seven different sports, who were included in the plan for 2024. They included: Markos Kontopoulos (Shooting), Emilios Poeros (Sailing), Rafaella Aristotelous (Athletics), Michaeldimi Prokopiou (Swimming), Alexandros Emmanouilidis (Fencing), Alexandros Konstantinou (Triathlon). Absent was figure skater Stefania Yakovleva, currently participating in the fourth Winter Youth Olympic Games in Korea.

Present at the meeting were, on behalf of the Bank, Irene Gregoriou Pavlidi, Executive Director of People and Transformation, Demetris Demetriou, Chief Risk Officer, Savvas Kounnos, Corporate Affairs Manager, Elli Ioannidou, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, and, from the COC, Head of Education and Training Georgios Korellis.

Addressing the athletes, Ioannidou noted that, on the suggestion of the Olympic Committee, the Bank is this year recognising the success of seven athletes from as many sports federations. “We present you with a symbolic amount, as a reward for your efforts so far, with the Bank of Cyprus’ best wishes for a good career and, why not, in four years, to see you at the next Olympic Games,” she said.

In turn, Chrysostomou thanked the Bank of Cyprus – in particular BOC CEO Panicos Nicolaou for the trust he has shown the Olympic Committee. “Through this cooperation, the common goals and visions we have are highlighted, which we can realise primarily through the athletes,” Chrysostomou said. “We repeat that the priority is not the first place, but, through the conduct of the athletes, on and off the field, to promote Olympian principles and values, and to be our ambassadors for a better society.”

Addressing the athletes, Gregoriou Pavlidi expressed her congratulations to them on behalf of the Bank, in recognition of their daily commitment, sacrifice and dedication of time to their sport.

Demetriou pointed out that the traits athletes develop, such as consistency in training, commitment, and attention to detail, are universal qualities with which to succeed in any area in life.

For their part, the athletes expressed gratitude for their selection and described their daily life as sports men and women, the positive things training offers them, and the challenges they face. They pledged to aim to live up to the trust placed in them by both the Cyprus Olympic Committee and the Bank of Cyprus.