Multiple stray dogs were provided shelter in snowy Troodos on Wednesday, the result of an initiative started by Animal Action Group.

The campaign asked members of the public to donate blankets and dog houses for the strays from Feb 1.

Several donations were then transported to Troodos by volunteers.

“These stray dogs have been roaming around Troodos since June last year and we felt we had to tackle this issue especially now due to the cold.” coordinator of the animal action group Anthi Mouzouri told the Cyprus Mail.

“The goal was to collect as many houses as possible, as the number of strays is difficult to accurately record,” she added.

“I want to express my deep gratitude for the volunteers who helped transport and set up all the houses. I hope these souls find some warth in snowy Troodos.”

The Animal Action Group aims to continue with this initiative in other areas in the near future.

To donate, call 22518787.