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TV shows we love: The Brothers Sun

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With a great, Asian-led cast, The Brothers Sun has a great mafia plot line but is also comical.

I enjoyed being able to laugh, while also remaining entertained by the storyline. It was a pleasure to be able to also relate to the characters, which although they are gangsters, killers, etc, also portrayed the human aspect that led them to their choices quite well.

Michelle Yeoh is also one of my favourite actresses, as she is able to illicit emotion out of every role she takes on. She is also good at comedy and action, which were key factors in this Netflix series.

A plot hole was left open for a second season of the show, and I hope that it gets created because it is immensely entertaining to watch a show that although shrouded in mafia and mystery gets detailed about tropes of American culture as well, showing the hardships of first generation children and the difficulties their parents face to preserve some semblance of their home cultures.

The run of the mill American sitcom that pictures a bunch of white people has gotten pretty boring, as American society is made up of all its cultures and the effect they leave on society.

Growing up in the Greek community makes it generally difficult to blend with other cultures in America, so it is refreshing to be able to watch a series that gives a small glimpse into other societies in such a multicultural country.

The Brothers Sun is also a story about family and the values different generations place on the word and institution. Some people feel more duty-bound than others in the unit, which makes relationships even between siblings in some cases more difficult.

Also, the series touches on feelings of guilt of those who migrated lover those they leave behind with the treatment of other beloved family members not always being able to be there at the drop of a hat.

Give this show a try and hopefully some of the nuanced aspects will speak to you.

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