Demonstrators marched to the British High Commission on Saturday to protest against the UK’s bases in Cyprus.

The Communist Initiative of Cyprus charged the British Bases have become a symbol of the island “as a base for the bloodshed of people and a surveillance centre.”

Demonstrators said “yet another Cypriot government was complicit” in how the British Bases were embroiling Cyprus in its operations.

“Israel’s genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people and the bloodshed in Yemen have revealed Cyprus’ involvement through the British bases.”

The initiative argued it would continue its fight “against the imperialist scheming from organisations such as Nato and the EU.”

Last month hundreds marched on Akrotiri base against the British Bases turning Cyprus into a launch pad for the war in Gaza, as well as bombing Houthi positions in Yemen.

Amid increased security concerns, the government has sought to reassure that all measures were being taken to protect the country against a possible retaliatory attack.