An ancient room, among other ancient artefacts, was discovered during archaeological digs at the Kalavsos-Laroumena site near Larnaca.

The findings were discovered during the digging of two trenches, both of which were 16 square metres in area.

The archaeologists said they discovered “multiple large drystone walls”, which contained pottery.

One of the walls was “filled with thick ash and charcoal deposits”, while the back wall of the room was positioned beneath the modern terrace wall.

This, the archaeologists said, “supports the theory that the Laroumena hillside was originally terraced in the Middle Cypriot period for architectural structures and not for agriculture.”

Additionally, they said one of the walls was “of unusual thickness” at 90 centimetres.

Also found on the dig were spindle whorls, shell beads, a stone pendant, and some pottery.

The archaeologists added that the “very large amount of worked stone flakes and blades” suggests that stone toolmaking was being carried out in the immediate vicinity of the site.