A total of 688 trucks were inspected by the police throughout the past week, as part of the European Road Safety Week, resulting in the reporting of 852 traffic violations.

According to a statement released by the police on Tuesday, the awareness and inspection campaign for truck and bus drivers was conducted simultaneously in several European countries.

In cooperation with the department of road transport, traffic police officers and specialised members of the engineering control office carried out checks throughout the entire island.

The focus was on technical and mechanical checks for the condition and suitability of buses and trucks circulating on the roads. At the same time, checks were made on the documents of the vehicles, as well as the documents of professional bus and truck drivers.

The traffic violations included 243 reports for tachographs, the devices that records driving times and rest periods as well as periods of other work and availability taken by the driver of a heavy vehicle.

Additionally, there were 44 reports for exceeding speed limits, three for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, 13 for exceeding driving time limits, 40 for excessive or unsafe loading, 47 for worn tires, 33 for failing to use seat belts, and 429 for various other traffic violations.

On top of that, 154 buses were inspected, resulting in 39 reports, most of which related to vehicle documents.