MPs questioned on Wednesday why student dorms commissioned by the University of Cyprus (UCy) cost twice as much as those built by the Limassol archbishopric.

It will also take eight years until they are ready.

During a hearing at the House education committee, the state university’s finances came under scrutiny, with Diko MP and committee chair Pavlos Mylonas pointing out the discrepancy of the costs.

He said the dorms constructed in Limassol cost €51,000 per room, while those set to be built by the UCy in Nicosia are estimated for €110,000 per room.

Taking into account an increase in costs due to external factors along with inflation, this would be reflected with a 10 per cent price hike – which still cannot explain the price difference, Mylonas stressed.

UCy’s Vice Rector for international Affairs, Finance and Administration Ioannis Giapintzakis said this will entail 900 rooms and support facilities.

Depa MP Alekos Tryfonides called the costs absurd, and demanded answers from the finance and education ministries on why “students will be left without dorms for eight years.”

‘Donors cannot call the shots’

Meanwhile, auditor general Odysseas Michaelides warned that donors to UCy cannot come with other ‘instructions’ on how a project should be built.

Specifically, he cited the €10 million donation for the university library, where the donor “demanded that the project be entrusted to an internationally renowned architect.”

The donor’s contractor, he said took on the project with an initial value of €13m but the final costs shot up to €23m.”