The north’s ‘education minister’ Nazim Cavusoglu on Tuesday ruled out the possibility of granting an amnesty for those who obtained fake diplomas but did not use them.

Speaking in ‘parliament’, he said such a thing would “not be possible”, and that his ‘ministry’ “will not stand by those who did wrong, and we have no intention of making concessions in this area.”

He added that the ‘government’ and the opposition share the same opinion on the matter, and that they hope to “clean up the bad apples” in the north’s higher education sector.

Additionally, he said, his ‘ministry’ is considering handing over fake diplomas to the police so prosecutions for forgery can be made.

Earlier in ‘parliament’, opposition party CTP ‘MP’ Sila Usar Incirli had said it is a “fact” that the north’s higher education accreditation authority (Yodak) “is incapable of supervising higher education.”

She added that it is imperative that urgent measures be taken, and that no time should be wasted.

She called on the ‘government’ to take steps to solve the problems faced by the north’s higher education system and said they “affect every aspect of our country.”