Police in Paphos have successfully busted a document forging ring, Paphos police assistant operations director Michalis Nikolaou said on Friday.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), he said the police had received information regarding a courier shop in the town to which forged documents were reportedly being sent and received.

At 3.25pm on Thursday, he said, police apprehended a 41-year-old man who took receipt of a package originating from Turkey at the courier shop in question.

A search of the package uncovered a Greek driving licence and a Bulgarian driving licence, which were both hidden in polystyrene. It is believed that both documents were forged.

Later, at 4.05pm, two more people, aged 45 and 36 years old, entered the same courier shop and took receipt of another package which had been sent to them from Turkey.

Police once again searched the package, and found a forged Cypriot residence permit inside. The residence permit was in the name of one of the two individuals, and was, like the two driving licences found earlier, hidden in polystyrene.

All three people were arrested and taken into custody, accused of conspiracy to commit a felony and forgery, and were remanded in custody for six days on Friday.

Paphos police’s investigation into the matter is ongoing.