Eins gallery in Limassol will welcome Cypriot artist-photographer Stelios Kallinikou to host his second solo show at the gallery. Titled Calls and Songs, the exhibition opens on Friday 5 and features a body of work that explores how humans have changed the environment through technology and how they relate to recording devices.

Writing about Calls and Songs in the exhibition text, Andrés Valtierra notes: “Along with the lyricism of his depiction of bodies, animals, plants, or human constructions, Kallinikou takes a physical and ideological stance in relation to the lens and the image, which is then mirrored and expanded in his audiences’ acts of looking.

“By taking a position in front of the technologies whereby we record the world, Kallinikou emphasises the distance between his body, the lens, the image and that which is being recorded. By extension, this also shows the distances we retain, and which we often forget about. His work grants us a glimpse of the underlying implications of looking and recording the world, that is, of the contexts in which images are produced, circulated and consumed – many of which seem to hide away the more a picture circulates. It prompts us, in the end, to decide our position concerning what would prefer to stay unseen in all the images we encounter.”

Photography, video and sound pieces make up Kallinikou’s newest exhibition which will remain open at eins gallery until May 9.

Calls and Songs

Solo exhibition by Stelios Kallinikou. April 5-May 9. Eins gallery, Limassol. Opening night: 7pm-10pm. Wednesday – Friday: 4pm – 8pm. Saturday: 11am – 2pm or by appointment at 99-522977