Cyprus “must do whatever is possible to be liberated”, President Nikos Christodoulides said on Monday stressing the need to honour the people that rebelled against the British occupation in 1955 on April 1, known as Eoka Day.

“We are proud of what was the purest struggle for Cypriot Hellenism,” he said during a memorial service at the Imprisoned Graves in Nicosia, where he laid wreaths at the tomb of the fighters who were executed by the British authorities.

Christodoulides expressed particular satisfaction “in seeing so many people, especially children, at the solemn ceremony.

“We must talk to our children about the struggle of Eoka,” he said.

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“We must know our history, we must remember, and in no way does this mean working against a possible solution to the Cyprus problem. Because the solution to the Cyprus problem also involves respecting everyone’s history, not self-abolition.”

Furthermore, he also said “it is not enough just to be proud.

“We must show this pride but also the debt we owe to all those who gave their lives for us to exist. Because there would be no Republic of Cyprus without the fighters of the national liberation struggle.

“And we must show that we honour them through our daily lives, through our daily behaviour, especially regarding our occupied homeland, 50 years this year. We will do whatever is possible to liberate it.”

Earlier, the president attended the liturgy for April 1, which took place at the Cathedral of Apostle Varnavas at the Archbishopric.