Friday is set to be the last of the days of unseasonably high temperatures and clear blue skies for now, with temperatures expected to drop and clouds expected to roll in for Saturday.

Temperatures will rise to 28 degrees Celsius inland, 22 degrees Celsius on the west coast, 24 degrees Celsius on the rest of the coasts, and 19 degrees Celsius in the mountains.

Winds will remain light, no higher than three or an absolute maximum of four on the Beaufort scale.

Overnight, the weather will remain mostly clear, though with the possibility of increased cloud cover in some areas. Temperatures will drop to 12 degrees Celsius inland and on the coasts and 10 degrees Celsius in the mountains.

A foggy start is expected to Saturday morning, with increased clouds set to be revealed once the fog lifts, with isolated rains or even the odd storm possible.

Sunday, too, will see intermittent clouds and isolated showers, with possible thunderstorms expected on Monday.

All the while, temperatures will continue to drop to a resting point closer to normal April numbers.