There are several advantages of serving wine from a larger bottle

Ask wine lover where is the home of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and they will all answer Burgundy. All believe Burgundy is the best land in the world for producing these grapes. Wine afficionados are enticed by the landscape, the appellations and the terroirs associated with these two varieties. Although the terroir is complex, and in theory difficult to understand, when tasting the wine you can appreciate the centuries of winemaking tradition. Because of the cool to moderate climate, vintages vary greatly as do the styles of wine.

Burgundy, more than probably any other wine region in the world, is completely influenced by its terroir. By definition, terroir is the sense of place, it means that when you drink a wine you taste the region from which it was made. Most simply, terroir is the concept that the land from which the grapes are grown imparts a unique quality that is specific to that single vineyard. This comes at a price. Delicious as they are, wines from Burgundy are known to be some of the most expensive in the world. They are considered though to be the best money they can buy. Whether you buy Premier or Grand Cru, or even at the lowest classification of Village or Regional wines, these are all still wines made in one of the best wine regions in all the world. These are the wines that made Pinot Noir and Chardonnay famous, and they are worth enjoying no matter what level you purchase.



On a glamorous night at the Mediterranean City of Dreams’ Anaïs restaurant Louis Jadot and La Maison du Vin welcomed us to the world of magnum bottles. A magnum holds 1.5l of wine, the equivalent of two standard-sized bottles, and is often used for special occasions.

There are several benefits to buying magnums. They provide more servings than a regular bottle of wine, making them ideal for sharing. Magnum bottles also allow for more oxygen to come into contact with the wine, resulting in a smoother, more complex flavour.

Another benefit of magnums is they can help preserve the flavour of the wine for longer. This is because larger bottle size means there is less surface area exposed to oxygen, which helps to keep the flavour intact for longer. Serving from a magnum bottle is also a great way to add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Their size makes them a great conversation piece and can help to create a more memorable experience for guests. Plus, the larger bottle size means you can serve more glasses of wine from each bottle.


Louis Jadot

The House of Louis Jadot has been producing exceptional Burgundy wines since its founding in 1859 by Louis Henry Denis Jadot. For the past 150 years, Louis Jadot has continued to be one of the great names of Burgundy and has gained international reputation for its superb red and white wines. Louis Jadot is not only one of the largest producers of estate Burgundies of the Cote d’Or, but also one of the most celebrated exporters of premium Burgundies. The magnums were introduced by Justine Paris, export director of the prestigious Wine House.


2022 Louis Jadot Chablis ‘en Magnum’, ABV 13%

Lively tension and vivacity, incisive with linear frame. Light yellow colour, aromas of musk, damp earth, white flowers, ripe white peach, citrus skin and melon are followed by a supple texture lifted with subtle acidity and wet stony earth. Medium weight. Over the course of the long finish, hints of grapefruit and citrus skin with a floral note, which lingers on the palate. Delicious with grilled chicken with lemon and thyme shellfish or lobster bisque. €59

2020 Louis Jadot Beaune 1er Cru Grèves Le Clos Blanc ‘en Magnum’, ABV 13%,

Exotic and crisps an unusual Burgundy that is rich and spicy, with broad fruit flavours. Yellow colour with opulent notes of candied pear, yellow plum, wet straw, honeycomb, white flowers, damp earth and ground coffee surround the soft and subtle mouthfeel. Medium to full-body Chardonnay but fresh fruited wine, richly concentrated, fleshy on the palate and accented by hints of smoked nut, dill and hazelnut biscotti with a mineral finish. Le Clos Blanc pairs nicely with full seafood (tuna, salmon, scallops) or with chicken either roasted or in cream sauce. €160

2018 Louis Jadot Santenay Clos de Malte ‘en Magnum’, ABV 14%

Fragrant and delicate, clean and even purple, with a fine full pinot nose, ripe but with reserve red fruit, wild strawberry and raspberry, orange petals, spices, almonds and earth. Not especially full-bodied, wild strawberries and bright fruits until right at the finish, fine, potent tannins and very long finish on a surprising acidity. Pair it lightly with grilled salmon or spiced crusted duck with sweet and sour broth. €75

2014 Louis Jadot Clos Vougeot ‘en Magnum’, ABV 14%

This legendary wine has great power and depth. The five acres of vines owned by Louis Jadot in this vineyard make this rich, bold, structured wine. Floral and intensely perfumed, with ripe red berry fruit, dried strawberry and cherry character, it’s ripe while maintaining the intense acidity of the vintage. With all that power comes great longevity. Medium to full body, ultra-polished and beautiful tannins and hints of stones and cedar. Very pretty and refined. Lovely length. Serve with roast or sauced red meat, pheasant, venison or other large game and medium-strength cheeses such as Camembert. €350


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