The Luxury One Day Retreat – Step into Your Power this Saturday at Aelia Wellness Retreat will be all about authentic branding, mastering mindfulness and cultivating a strategic mindset. A full day experience is planned with three facilitators guiding participants through workshops and sessions from 9am to 6.30pm.

Following an introductory morning of connecting, Raluca Ioana Man will begin the day’s sessions with branding workshop to provide participants with a deep understanding of the impact and significance of personal branding as a catalyst for fostering trust, credibility and recognition. The workshop will focus on how to establish authentic personal branding that showcases expertise and resonates with core beliefs and a professional presence.

Then, Anastasia Charitou will lead the mindfulness session demonstrating the importance of being present and experiencing the power of choosing a state of mind, thought and action. Through several mindfulness practices, participants will learn how this helps reduce stress and enhance self-awareness while actively learning self-leadership.

Finally, Sandra di Silva will share tips and tools on how to achieve an advanced growth mindset using the Balanced Blueprint – a strategy that merges inner potential with the tools necessary to build a strategic and robust mindset. At the end of the day, retreat-goers will share feedback, announce prizes and finish with more empowering conversations in an opportunity to network, all while being immersed in a calm oasis in rural Nicosia surrounded by a growth-driven community.


Step into Your Power: Elevate Your Essence with Authentic Branding, Mindfulness Mastery and Strategic Mindset

One-day retreat with workshops and self-development sessions led by Raluca Ioana Man, Anastasia Charitou and Sandra di Silva. April 13. Aelia Wellness Retreat, Nicosia. 9am-6.30pm. €288. Tel: 97-688979, 99-479095