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Limassol Photo Festival returns

game changers ©Αναστασία Καρεκλά anastasia karekla
Game Changers by Anastasia Karekla

The second edition of LPF – Limassol Photography Festival – is about to launch, dedicated this year to sports. Titled Athlos, the festival starts on Thursday and runs until May 7.

On the occasion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place in 2024 in France, this year’s LPF focuses on the values, beauty and importance of sports. It strives to convey the Olympic Spirit and leads the public into a new visual journey through the magical world of sports photography and the works of renowned photographers and artists.

This year’s festival showcases a total of seven parallel, mainly outdoor, exhibitions featuring sport. As many as 28 local and international photographers will showcase various sports and world competitions, as well as portraits of renowned athletes.

The festival has also been certified as part of the Cultural Olympiad for 2024 by the Organising Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games which promotes the links between art and sport, including excellence, integration, cultural diversity and universality.

cyprus on the move ©Ανδρέας Ιακώβου andreas iacovou
Cyprus on the move by Andreas Iacovou

Through the eyes of local and international professional sports photographers, the Limassol Festival will present stunning images, some of which are original, iconic and artistic, of well-known and lesser-known sports, captured during major national and international sporting events.

“Athlos takes you beyond the finish line, within the frame, while diving into the raw emotions, the unwavering determination and the stories that unfold within the arena of sports,” says artistic director Stefanos Kouratzis. “In every frame, the photographers capture more than the tangible moments. They seize the spirit, the passion, and the relentless pursuit of excellence as each photograph is a chapter in the untold stories of sportsmanship.

“Sports photography has played a key role,” he adds, “and it is a genre that is constantly challenging the medium and each era’s tools even more than ever before. Its evolution and approach over the years have shifted our imagination and perception of what sports look and feel like.”

Outdoor exhibitions will be set up at Molos, the Old Port, Syntagma Square, Caffe Nero at Molos as well as an indoor showcase at Exhibit8 Gallery. Participating in the festival are the artists Selene Alexia, Paris J Andreou, Alexis Berg, Jeremy Bernard, Paul-Henri Cahier, Costas Constantinou, Gerry Cranham, Monica Dalmasso, Corinne Dubreuil, Laurent Gudin, Andreas Iakovou, Anastasia Karekla, Maxim Korotchenko, Yiannis Kortoglou, Stefanos Kouratzis, Jean-Baptiste Liautard, George Michael, Anne-Christine Poujoulat, Julien Poupart, Chara Savvides, Nicos Savvides, Pampos Savvides, Sakis Savvides, Alain Schroeder, Franck Seguin, Demetris Vattis, Charlotte Wilson and Angelos Zymaras.

action in motion ©Γιάννης Κούρτογλου yiannis kourtoglou
Action in Motion by Yiannis Kourtoglou

The festival’s programme also includes a series of conferences and talks. On April 20 the conference Athlos Lens, Contemporary Vision will take place at Tepak with four invited speakers. Then on April 24 the Olympic Games, Aspects and Manifestations through time, Life experiences conference will be held at the Laniteio Theatre with three speakers. The event will also pay tribute to some of the most emblematic Cypriot athletes in the history of Cypriot athletics and include testimonies and experiences of people of sport in Cyprus.


LPF – Limassol Photography Festival

2nd edition of photography festival with exhibitions and conferences. April 11-May 7. Around Limassol.

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