Allegations leveled against former President Nicos Anastasiades are moving forward by a team ‘above any suspicion’ head of the anti-corruption authority Charis Poyiadjis said on Wednesday.

Briefing MPs during a House ethics committee, he said the investigation prompted by journalist Makarios Drousiotis’ book is developing into a large investigation.

There are four staffers from the authority “above any suspicion” as well as Australian legal expert Gabrielle McIntyre, Poyiadis underlined.

“There is no question of the investigation’s impartiality and objectivity.”

Poyiadjis said there are 180 reports before the authority at the moment and not enough staff to deal with them.

Out of these, 35 have been investigated. From the rest, some are being prosecuted already, he specified.

Poyiadjis presented to MPs the practical guide on lobbying rules, explaining that they aim to explain the transparency law over public decision-making procedures and related matters.

A circular has already been shared with relevant officials, informing them that they are required to fill out a form every time they communicate with people or parties involved in public decision-making processes.

The circular specifies that the above form should be submitted to the Authority within 2 months from the date of the communication and should be co-signed by the parties involved.

Every official also has to inform the anti-corruption authority if they have a conflict of interest and abstain from the process.

There is a registrar for lobbyists which is mandatory, Poyiadjis highlighted.

“Registration is required and it is a criminal offence to lobby without being on the register.”

Since November, 21 individuals and entities have registered and 13 applications are pending.