Mola Culture Factory in Lefkara village will host an exhibition this month with works by its resident artist Peter Bird. The prolific artist has been based in Cyprus since 2009, tirelessly producing intricate and imaginative sculptures and paintings.

His artistic journey began when visiting Egypt years ago and seeing their stonework construction. The minimum space between blocks gave him the idea of using fine lines without them touching. Later, the creations of other native cultures from across the world, such as the Aztecs, provided further inspiration.

Over time, he has perfected his fine line technique, using cut and curved brushes for flow of line. With it he decorates everyday objects and discarded materials, which he collects and transforms into artworks. Masks are often incorporated into them, and when they are complete, everything is covered with a layer of varnish. Bird works in a transcendent state of meditation, and the resulting pieces resemble artefacts or small temples of an ancient civilisation that he has conceived.

His World of Patterns exhibition in Lefkara will run from April 20 to May 20 and at the opening event next week, violinist Danielle Klimiene will perform live classical music.


World of Patterns

Exhibition by Peter Bird. April 20-May 20. Mola Culture Factory (Old Olive Mill), Lefkara. Opening night: 4pm. Daily: 10am-5pm. Tel: 99-740987