Lakatamia mayor Photoula Hadjipapa on Monday alleged “massive and illegal voter movements” were taking place in her municipality ahead of June’s election.

Hadjipapa is standing to be the mayor of the unified municipality encompassing Lakatamia, Tseri, and Anthoupoli on June 9.

She said residents of Lakatamia have submitted “a large number of objections” regarding people registering to vote in the area “who have nothing to do with Lakatamia”.

“As Lakatamia mayor, I feel that I have an obligation to the people I represent, the real ones and not the fake ones, to stand up against this sad development,” she said.

She added, “if this new page in the book of local government shows even the slightest tolerance for such dishonest practices, practices which constitute a falsification of the democratic will of our people, the blow to our republic will be enormous.”

“I call on the people of Lakatamia, Tseri, and Anthoupoli to block the road of this concerted effort to alter the election result,” she said, adding that she calls “on the competent authorities to rise to the occasion and ensure the elections are conducted smoothly.”

“For my part, I will do everything possible within the scope of my powers to prevent such undemocratic, immoral, and unacceptable practices from happening. We do not play with democracy,” she said.

The Union of Cyprus Municipalities told the Cyprus Mail they are “aware” of the issue.