It is an exciting season for art lovers and enthusiasts as art exhibitions – solo, duos and group – open all around the island. Included in this month’s agenda are two new showcases. A group art exhibition at the new Nicosia space Bairro Studio titled Dear Cyprus will open on Saturday.

The collective art exhibition gathers 31 contemporary artists who were invited to explore the depths of the island’s soul. Dear Cyprus dives into the country’s rich past and multifaceted identity, explores the intricate tapestry of tradition, the present moment and the current cultural landscape. The exhibition’s opening event will be held at the old Nicosia art space (Onisilou 8C Street) at 6pm and the exhibition will remain open on April 21, 27 and 28.

A new exhibition will soon open in Limassol as Pylon Art & Culture presents THERELIEFS, a narrative composition by artist Elina Ioannou and writer Louiza Papaloizou. The exhibition is curated by art historian Areti Leopoulou in which Louiza Papaloizou and Elina Ioannou assemble a narrative inspired by the morphological climatic, and psychosocial changes which are currently taking place. The exhibition will open on April 26 and run until June 22.


Dear Cyprus

Group art exhibition. April 20-21 and 27-28. Bairo Studio, Nicosia. 11am-1.30pm and 4pm-8.30pm.


Exhibition by artist Elina Ioannou and writer Louiza Papaloizou. April 26-june 22. Pylon Art & Culture, Limassol. Opening night: 7pm. Thursday-Friday: 5pm-8pm. Sunday: 11am-1pm. Tel: 95-950857.