An incident involving a convicted man who in December 2019 was sentenced to ten years in jail for attempted murder and who was released on parole in 2022, took place on Sunday.

According to reports, police were called to intervene after a serious confrontation between the parolee and the brother of the victim of the attempted murder, which took place in Mazotos.

Officers were dispatched following a complaint of verbal abuse, assault and threat, leading to the immediate arrest of the parolee.

The recent incident comes after the convicted man had been conditionally released from prison in 2022 by the parole board.

However, his partial return to freedom was short-lived as he now faces a return to the Central Prison for violating the terms of his release by engaging in new offenses.

The underlying case dates back to December 17, 2016, when a 23-year-old at the time attempted to fatally injure a 29-year-old when a confrontation erupted in a café in Mazotos.

Despite being separated by other patrons, the defendant returned shortly afterward in his car, armed with a knife and allegedly intending to harm the victim.

However, a potential tragedy was narrowly avoided when the victim managed to evade the attack by jumping from the sidewalk outside a community supermarket, prompting the defendant to pursue him with an open knife.

The Larnaca criminal court handed down a ten-year prison sentence in 2019 after finding the defendant guilty on three charges related to the attempted murder, illegal possession of a weapon and reckless and negligent acts.