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Elevating employee well-being: boosting productivity and happiness

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry, prioritising employee well-being has emerged as a strategic imperative.

To address this pressing need, a local series of the Women in Tech Global Conference 2024, supported by Adsterra, is set to convene a panel of distinguished speakers for an insightful discussion titled “Elevating Employee Well-Being: Boosting Productivity and Happiness.”

Scheduled for Wednesday, April 24, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm EEST at the Aleph office in Limassol, the event is specifically tailored for founders, CEOs, COOs, and HR professionals seeking actionable insights and tools to enhance well-being, productivity, and happiness within their organisations.

“This event is meticulously crafted to equip participants with tangible approaches to place employee well-being at the forefront, ultimately enhancing productivity and cultivating a thriving workplace atmosphere,” explained Gala Grigoreva, the organiser, and CMO at Adsterra, WomenTech Network ambassador, business mentor, and yoga instructor.

“With a decade of leadership experience, I deeply grasp the true needs of individuals. Moreover, while perks like social events and fun activities are commonly advocated to stay competitive and draw in top talent, they fall short in fostering a culture of genuine happiness within the company”, Gala said.

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The panel includes Georgia Aristeidou, Global Head HR at The Trading Pit, LTD, who brings over 14 years of experience in Project Management and Fintech, significantly contributing to transforming HR practices to align with business goals and employee needs globally. Joining her is Christina Maria Tzianou, Client Partner at Aleph, who specialises in Tech Sales and Digital Marketing with a focus on promoting employee well-being through coaching initiatives to ensure work-life balance and mental health stability within

companies. Also featuring will be Mg.Art Ance Gricmane, Founder & CEO of Emotion Lab, an accomplished therapeutic art coach who emphasises the connection between art and emotional well-being, offering insights into holistic well-being through artistic expression. Completing the panel, Zhamilia Berentzen, a consultant in People Management, specialises in personal and professional growth training, effective communication, and enhancing team performance.

Moderated by Gala Grigoreva, the discussion will delve into key points such as understanding the link between employee well-being, productivity, and organisational performance, implementing comprehensive well-being strategies, leveraging data and analytics, and cultivating resilience and work-life balance.

Additionally, Gala Grigoreva will share best-world practices of employee well-being programs and facilitate a “Bye, Bye, Stress” workshop which is quick and effective for employees to lower stress and increase productivity.

This local event is part of the Women in Tech Global Conference 2024, where Gala Grigoreva will additionally be giving a keynote on hiring more women in tech and integrating it into corporate social responsibility policies.

For further details and to secure your spot, please visit the event’s registration page. Note that space is limited to 40 participants to ensure a personalised and impactful experience.

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