Greek nationals living in Cyprus were warned to only vote once in June’s European elections by the Greek Embassy in Nicosia on Thursday.

The embassy moved to make it clear that Greek nationals living on the island, as well as dual citizens of Cyprus and Greece, must choose to either vote for European parliament candidates standing in Greece or for candidates in Cyprus, and that it is illegal to do both.

European Union citizens are allowed by law to either vote for European parliament candidates in the country of their nationality or the country in which they live if they live in another EU member state.

However, EU law is clear that individuals are only able to vote once. Voting multiple times in multiple member states is a crime under the law of all 27 member states.

For this reason, the embassy said, “it should be noted that in the event of a violation of the relevant ban on multiple voting, there will be legal consequences under national ane EU law.”

Greece will elect its MEPs on June 9, with a total of 21 Greek MEPs to be sent to the European Parliament.