The conditions at Kyperounda hospital in Troodos are utterly disgraceful, with wards lacking bathrooms, the House health committee heard amid promises for improvement.

Wards intended for tuberculosis patients do not have windows or ventilation, the hospital’s director Marinos Lemesios told MPs during Thursday’s committee session.

“The conditions at Kyperounda hospital in some cases are filthy. Every day when I go back home, I feel shame.”

Inpatient wards have no toilets and showers, he shared. Meanwhile state health services (Okypy) spokesman Charalambos Charilaou admitted the building is in dire need of an upgrade.

He said Okypy is aware of the issues and there is a plan to upgrade the building.

Contacted by the Cyprus Mail on Friday, Charilaou was not immediately available to delve into the details of Okypy’s planning.

Lemesios said the hospital serves 88 communities in the areas of Pitsilia, Marathasa and other rural areas.

He underlined the importance of renovating the pathology department “because it is shameful for a patient to visit these wards.”

The doctor stressed it is high time women in the area are able to have a mammogram at the hospital too.

“Women in the highland areas are persistently asking for access to this health service. There cannot be no mammography machine for the entire mountainous areas,” he said.