Some 706,534 people have registered to vote for the upcoming elections in June, chief returning officer Elikkos Ilias announced on Tuesday.

Among the total number of registered voters, there are 568,608 Cypriots, of which 837 are Turkish Cypriots holding identity cards of the Republic of Cyprus.

Furthermore, the breakdown of voters by district revealed that there are 220,736 registered voters in the Nicosia district, which includes 143 Turkish Cypriots.

In Famagusta, there are 33,879 registered voters, including eight Turkish Cypriots. Larnaca counts 99,342 registered voters, 249 of whom are Turkish Cypriots. Limassol has 159,680 registered voters, with 238 Turkish Cypriots, and Paphos has 54,971 registered voters, with 199 Turkish Cypriots included in the count.

Similarly, the special electoral register of European citizens for the elections of local authority officials includes 21,640 voters, of which 4,048 are in Nicosia, 2,669 in Famagusta, 2,525 in Larnaca, 3,123 in Limassol, and 9,275 in Paphos.

The Office of the Chief Returning Officer also reported that a total of 4,725 voters have registered and will vote for the MEP elections from abroad.

Polling stations will operate in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Komotini, Volos, Heraklion, Ioannina, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Brussels.