Dozens of people marched in Nicosia on Wednesday to commemorate Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, also known as “Armenian Martyrs Day”, observed annually on April 24 to commemorate the victims of the Armenian genocide of 1915.

Holding banners and placards slamming Turkey and Azerbaijan, the march was attended by members of the Armenian community in Cyprus.

Akel expressed solidarity with the march through a statement released on Wednesday honouring the victims of the genocide and calling on Turkey “to restore the historical truth”.

Preserving the historical memory is a duty towards people who lost their lives and also a service for future generations,” the statement said.

“Defending the historical memory of the Armenian Genocide is a strong reminder that humanity must strive to prevent such heinous crimes from happening again.”

Edek also released a statement on the occasion, criticising Turkey for “the refusal to acknowledge the perpetration of the Armenian Genocide,” which the party called “indicative of the country’s mentality.”