Thursday marked the submission deadline for candidate nominations in district administrations and municipalities for the transformative local government elections that will take place on June 9.

The process encompasses a plethora of candidates for district governors, mayors, deputy mayors, municipal councillors, and even members of school boards.

For the Nicosia district, five metropolitan municipalities are in contention, namely the Nicosia, Lakatamia, Latsia-Geri, Southern Nicosia-Dali and Strovolos municipalities.

The Nicosia metropolitan municipality itself breaks down into the boroughs of Nicosia, Ayios Dhometios, Engomi and Aglandja.

People residing in one of the latter boroughs will be able to vote for the Nicosia district governor and mayor, as well as for their borough’s deputy mayor, municipal councillors and members of school boards.

Υποψήφιος Πρόεδρος Επαρχιακού Οργανισμού Αυτοδιοίκησης Λευκωσίας Ανδρέας Ασσιώτης

District governor candidate Andreas Assiotis

Andreas Assiotis on Thursday was the first to submit his candidacy for the top post – Nicosia district governor.

“I will serve as a guide to people in order to respond to major challenges that will arise after the local government reform,” he said.

“I am urging voters listen to choose us based on our proposals, our vision, our knowledge and our experience, so that we can best serve the citizens for the good of the Nicosia district.”

Later in the morning, incumbent Nicosia mayor Constantinos Yiorkadjis also submitted his candidacy for the role of Nicosia district governor. He has been mayor of the old Nicosia municipality for the past 12 years.

“The elections on June 9 will be crucial for the future of the country’s local administration and, consequently, for the people’s quality of life,” he said, adding that his experience equipped him with “the necessary knowledge and experience” to carry out the role of district governor.

Present at his candidacy submission were Disy and Diko leaders Annita Demetriou and Nicholas Papadopoulos.

“Yiorkadjis is the best choice,” Demetriou said, stressing his ability “to always find bridges of cooperation” and adding that almost all political parties support him.

Papadoupoulos also praised Yiorkadjis, calling him “the most suitable candidate for the role”. Papadopoulos and Yiorkadjis are half-brothers.

“During his many years as mayor of Nicosia, he showed his vision and leadership,” he said. “I am sure he will show exactly the same in his new role, not only for the city of Nicosia, but for the entire district.”

Meanwhile, independent Charalambos Prountzos was the first candidate for the mayor of the grouping of Nicosia, Ayios Dhometios, Engomi and Aglandja.

He said his desire is “to create a city that unites all residents”.

He made statements to the media after formally submitting his candidacy for the revamped local government elections in June.

“Today marks a significant milestone in the lead-up to the local government elections,” he said.

“It’s a celebratory day for democracy, but also a pivotal day for Nicosia because our city is undergoing a phase of reform, where four major urban municipalities [Aglandja, Engomi, Strovolos and Nicosia] will merge, creating a city with over 110,000 residents, a significant workforce, and a substantial budget to manage,” he said.

Prountzos stressed the need for visionary leadership to manage the new order effectively.

“We need a green, intelligent, efficient, and democratic Nicosia. A city that is inclusive and cares for all its citizens, a city of universities, research, innovation, a city of healthy entrepreneurship, and sustainable development. But above all, a city of history, culture, and experiences,” he said.

Prountzos urged voters in Nicosia to exercise their democratic right in the upcoming elections.

“The capital is a city that unites us all, regardless of political affiliations or residential locations.”

Following Prountzos, Disy’s Nikos Tornaritis also submitted his candidacy to become Nicosia mayor, calling on his party’s voters “to set aside what divided them and unite”.

He stressed that Nicosia is currently undergoing significant changes, becoming a metropolitan municipality encompassing other major urban municipalities.

“Above all, we need political experience, decisiveness, cooperation, and unity,” he said.

“My candidacy stands for a green and smart city, for better traffic management, for a revamp of for the old town, for the elderly, for the children, and for the animals.”

Tornaritis thanked Disy president Annita Demetriou for supporting his candidacy. He also extended his gratitude to Diko “for embracing his ideas”, and to Edek and the Animal Party “for standing by him from the beginning”.

Meanwhile, Constantinos Demetriades, the son of the late former mayor of Nicosia Lellos Dimitriades, also submitted his independent candidacy to become the capital’s mayor under the slogan “Our Party, Nicosia”.

In a statement released after submitting his candidacy, Demitriades said that, like his father, who served for 31 years as mayor and was never paid a salary, he would continue his work if elected.

Independent candidate Panayiotis Mentzis Zannetos, is also officially in the running for mayor of Nicosia.

“I am stressing the importance of offering people the chance to vote for a person who has lived and operated in the city for 30 years,” he said.

“I know all about Nicosia’s problems,” he said, “because I do not only visit the city only on weekends to have coffee and shake hands. I will work very hard, as I have learned to do throughout my life, to make this city even better.”

yποψήφιος Δήμαρχος Λευκωσίας, Νίκος Τορναρίτης

Nicos Tornaritis