The first edition of the Cyprus International Theatre Festival has already begun and until mid-June it will present an exciting programme of performances, both by local creators and by some of the biggest names on the world theatre scene.

On May 1, Rio Cinema will host an open discussion with the director Kirill Serebrennikov who presented the Apocalypse Tomorrow performance just a few days ago. After the Q&A session at 7pm, the film Tchaikovsky’s Wife will be screened in Russian with English subtitles – a tragic horror about the life of 19th century bohemians, in which Tchaikovsky’s wife Antonina slowly goes mad while her husband falls in love with other people.

Commenting on the upcoming film screening, the founder of Kirill & Friends company, director and filmmaker Kirill Serebrennikov says:

“Tchaikovsky has been a long-standing interest for me, he is like a UFO: everyone has heard something about him, but nothing concrete… There are many ways to study a person. There are many ways to study a person’s biography. You can read a hundred books about him, diaries, and letters, as I did. And there are also dozens of ways to tell a story about a person. I chose the most interesting one for myself – to examine Tchaikovsky through his reflection, through his wife Antonina. And this film is about her, about her view of what is happening around her and Tchaikovsky, about her experiences, about her complex and traumatic fate. I consider my picture a psychological thriller, a story of how feelings radically change and what this leads to. And this is also a picture about love.”

Q&A and Film Screening

Screening of Tchaikovsky’s Wife followed by a discussion with director Kirill Serebrennikov. May 1. Rio Cinema, Limassol. 7pm. In Russian with English subtitles.