Police in Limassol arrested 13 people, during operations of the traffic squad overnight, they said on Wednesday.

According to police, in order to prevent juvenile delinquency and protect the property and physical integrity of citizens, patrols were carried out in areas of churches and parks, where there is a gathering of young people for the custom of lambradjiia and the use of firecrackers and other fireworks.

Also, as part of the prevention of theft and burglary, patrols and checks were carried out in other areas f Limassol, where 110 vehicles were stopped, and 124 persons were checked.

On two separate occasions, 13 young persons were arrested for negligent and reckless acts, of which three remained in custody, while 11 complaints for driving under the influence of alcohol and five out-of-court complaints for various other traffic offences were made during the traffic checks. Two vehicles were also impounded and two traffic cases were generated and will be filed in court.